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Services in Barcelona


International Players
From 10 to 24 years old
From 1 week to 1 season


Players from Barcelona
From 6 to 18 years old
For School year


For Everybody
From 6 to 15 years old
In School breaks

WOSPAC programs in Barcelona are aimed at National and International Basket players who want to start, improve or play at a professional level in the future. In addition to Basket training, WOSPAC can provide other services such as accommodation, education, allowances, transportation, insurance, VISA management, among many other services in Barcelona.

WOSPAC selects ONLY 10 International and 20 National Basket players per season to JOIN its WOSPAC BASKET programs. The programs are aimed at young people from 6 to 24 years old, and can be joined after the evaluation and selection process. At WOSPAC we believe in natural talent, but we also believe that with hard work, effort, commitment and practice there is a greater chance of becoming a professional player. The road from the amateur world to the professional world is long and complicated, but at WOSPAC Barcelona Academy we will train you with the best so that you can achieve it.

WOSPAC Basket was created with the aim of providing basket players from all over the world with the necessary tools to reach the professional world in the hands of the best professionals. WOSPAC works with National and International Basket professionals as well as different sports levels. Our project provides high-level training plans including them in your day to day. Trust our experience and with us you will achieve your goals.


The aim of WOSPAC is to help young basketball players to improve, learn and have fun. Sport, as part of a healthy lifestyle, has to be included in our daily lives. Practicing sport from childhood ensures its continuation into adulthood. When our body is fit, our mind is even fitter, as the Latin quote “Mens sana in corpore sano” expresses it. WOSPAC offers a great high-level sporting-educational model with which to develop your sporting career.

WOSPAC has been training young people from all over the world for more than 12 years in different sports, and now it is starting to train basketball players. The WOSPAC BASKET project is aimed at young National and International players, from 6 to 24 years old, who want to start or improve their game. The learning, improvement and perfectioning takes place during the school period. It takes place before and/or after school classes and is an unbeatable resource for the development of a sporting career.


My name is Hermilo Nunes (Milo), director, coordinator and technician at WOSPAC, I am of Portuguese nationality, with a FIBA ​​senior trainer qualification (license no. 2016504128), and a PhD from the INEFC University of Barcelona in 2020 presenting my TESIS on the observational analysis of Basketball with an outstanding Cum Laude rating. Previously, I studied at the University of Lisbon and graduated in Physical Education, Sports and Leisure and obtained the official master’s degree in “Teaching Physical Education in School Institutions”.

At the teaching level I have been able to develop my professional career in university centers such as Culver-Stockton University (USA), Lisbon University of Physical Education, Caland Lyceum Amsterdam and also in the federative sphere in the Andorran Basketball Federation and the Dutch Basketball Federation.

On a professional level, I have a wide background as a basketball coach since I have exercised different functions in different Spanish professional Clubs such as Joventut Badalona, ​​Unicaja Málaga, Peñas Huesca and Bàsquet Girona; and also in foreign clubs such as BC Morabanc Andorra, Dinamo de Kiev (Ukraine), Os Belenenses (Portugal), Culver-Stockton University (USA) or BAAS Amsterdam (Netherlands). I also have the honor of being Andorra’s senior women’s national coach.

My career is not based solely on basketball since both my academic and professional training, the command of several languages, the experience of living in different countries, the organization of sports teams and my constant training have made me acquire knowledge and skills that allow me to adapt to new environments and to be able to contribute to this project the difficult mix of having extensive professional experience, good academic training and knowledge of the processes related to training and research in the field of sport.

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